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Software Quality HotList™ Goals
SR/Institute maintains this list of links to selected organizations and institutions which support the software quality and software testing area. Organizations and other references are classified by type, by geographic area, and then in alphabetic order within each geographic area.

Our aim in building and maintaining the Software Quality HotList is to bring to one location a complete list of technical, organizational, and related resources. The goal is to have the Software Quality HotList be the first stop in technical development related to software testing and software quality issues.

Organization and Structure
The Software Quality HotList is organized by major categories and then within each category by geography (USA, North/South America, Europe, Pacific Rim, Other (Rest of World (ROW)). Categories currently included are shown below.

Professional Societies & Associations
Government Organizations
Non-Commercial Organizations
Educational & Academic Institutions
Commercial Organizations
Standards & Standards Organizations
Quality Related Technical Conferences
Technical Literature and Sources of Information
Selected Technology Sites
Software Quality & Test Technology Topics
New Software Quality HotList Links Awaiting Classification

Sources, Corrections & Updates
The material in the Software Quality HotList is collected from a variety of sources, including those mentioned here and the ones that they mention in turn, and including many others sources as well.

Software Quality is a big and growing field; there are many hundreds of entries in the list as of the last revision. Obviously it is impossible to include everything and everybody. Our apologies in advance if you, your favorite link, or your favorite website site have been missed. But if we missed you, please take a moment and suggest a new URL.

On the web everything is changing all the time. We recognize that we cannot keep up with changes made at all of the sites indicated in the lists, and we apologize in advance if a listed link turns out to be "dead." When you find a link that fails, we would appreciate Email from you at and we will do our best to correct or disable the link as soon as we can.

Correspondence about the Software Quality HotList including corrections, updates and suggestions for additional links are welcome. Please send information to us by using the Information Request Form.


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