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Please note: Books are available ONLY in the following kits; we are currently not sending individual items.

Listed below are over 300 books available in the SR/Institute's collection of software quality oriented technical material. Items are arranged in alphabetic order by first-author last name. Abstracts or short comments about items of particular interest are given.

We've noted books of interest as follows:

All of these ought to be on the Quality Expert's Desktop. Hits all the tactical basics and does it well. Must reading!
All of these ought to be in a Quality Guru's Bookshelf. Hits all the basics and then some and includes the most important background material. Required reading!
Probably should be in the Quality Team's Bookcase. Very important stuff!
You'd also want this title in your Corporate Quality Library if you're really serious about Software Quality and want to have comprehnsive coverage. Includes a lot of basic, background material. Essential to have ready to use when you need it!

Order Codes for items are also given when an item is available and can be ordered. Use these order codes when placing your order.

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