Thomas Drake, ICCI, USA

Thomas Drake Mr. Drake is a software and systems quality specialist and management and information technology consultant for Integrated Computer Concepts, Inc, (ICCI) in the United States. He currently leads and manages a U.S. government agency-level Software Engineering Knowledge Based Center's software quality engineering initiative. As part of an industry and government outreach/partnership program, he holds frequent seminars and tutorials covering code analysis, software metrics, OO analysis for C++ and Java, coding practice, testing, best current practices in software development, the business case for software engineering, software quality engineering, project management, organizational dynamics and change management, and the people side of information technology. Mr. Drake has personally measured and analyzed over 125,000,000 lines of Java, C++, C, Ada, Fortran, Pascal, and Assembler code plus others. He supports the "weak-link" theory of software development and the use of software entropy principles as a risk identifier for generating higher quality software-based information technology systems. He is the principal author of a chapter on "Metrics Used for Object-Oriented Software Quality" for a CRC Press Object Technology Handbook published in December of 1998. In addition, Mr. Drake is the author of a theme article entitled: "Measuring Software Quality: A Case Study" published in the November 1996 issue of IEEE Computer. Mr. Drake is listed with the International Who's Who for Information Technology for 1999, is a member of IEEE and an affiliate member of the IEEE Computer Society. He is also a Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) from the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI). He considers himself a quality advocate and a software archaeologist.