Greg Pope, TesCom, USA

Greg Pope Gregory M. Pope is the founder and President of Azor, Inc., a company specializing in the development of automated software quality products and outsource testing services since 1993. Mr. Pope has experience and expertise in both commercial and military software development, he has over 30 years of direct involvement in software development, software testing, and management of small and large organizations. Prior to founding Azor, Mr. Pope worked for Tiburon Systems (now Texas Instruments), IT&T, General Instruments, and Kaman Aerospace where he was responsible for developing and/or testing software used for Cruise Missiles, Telecommunications, Aircraft Instrumentation, and Radar Warning Receiver applications. Mr. Pope has been responsible for the development of patented pioneering techniques in computer aided testing, including the FerretŪ automated system test tool. Mr. Pope has conducted over 200 international seminars in the past seven years on software testing, quality, and management. He has personally spoken to over 5,000 members of the Test and QA community worldwide about the needs of the industry. He is a frequent speaker at International Symposiums. He is a member of the IEEE and selected to the Software Program Managers Network, a congressionally sponsored program to oversee government software developments. His articles have been featured in Computer Design, Industry Week, Computer World, Signal, Electronic Defense News, and Software Maintenance News. His first book on Software Testing is due out early 2001. Mr. Pope has an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and a BS degree from Connecticut State University. He lives in Mountain View California.