Stefan Steurs, Eurocontrol, Belgium/Europe

Stefan Steurs Stefan graduated as an Industrial Engineer in Electronics in 1983 specializing in Information Technology and from the first day of his career he started working he has been actively involved in software testing.

In the eighties Stefan was working for private industry where the area of software testing seemed to just have started. Because of the environment was telecommunications related, a formal approach to specifying tests was not too difficult to implement. After a few years Stefan was leading a team of testers, training them in test techniques, planning testing projects, and learning a great deal about all aspects of testing and software processes.

In the early nineties Stefan joined a European inter-governmental organization that provided him with an opportunity to put testing in a bigger picture of quality assurance and software development processes.

His testing activities started to cover all stages from unit testing, through integration and system testing, until and including acceptance testing.

With the knowledge he gained in practice, Stefan participated in reviews of books on Test Management, Test Process Improvement and of Testing Standards.

Stefan also actively participates in the Belgian Software Testing Discussion group of the Royal Civil Engineering Society Technological Institute and gives regular presentations about testing to this group and at international events.

Stefan sees Software Testing as an important knowledge area within software engineering and has committed himself to promoting it as a true profession.