Hans Buwalda, LogiGear Corp., USA

Hans Buwalda, ABT Chief Architect, leads LogiGear's Action Based Testing™ research and development, including ABT Toolset™ operations, and oversees the practice of ABT methodology. Prior to joining LogiGear, Hans served as Project Director at CMG The Netherlands where he was the original architect behind the Action Words approach - an integrated method for planning, managing, and deploying software testing and test automation. Hans is an internationally recognized expert specializing in action-based test automation, test development, and test-technology management. He speaks and presents workshops at international conferences on testing concepts such as Action Based Testing, The Three Holy Grails of Test Development, Soap Opera Testing, and Testing in the Cold. Hans authored (along with Dennis Janssen and Iris Pinkster) Integrated Test Design and Automation (Addison Wesley 2001). He holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Free University, Amsterdam.