Dolores Wallace, Wallace Systems, USA

Dolores Wallace Dolores R. Wallace, Wallace Systems, currently serves as a principal systems engineering consultant to the Software Assurance Technology Center at the Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA. Ms Wallace previously spent 18 years at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) where she lead the High Integrity Software System Project and the Software Reference Fault and Failure Data Project, and developed guidance on software verification and validation and other software quality topics.

Her publications on software verification and validation include NIST SP 500-234, Reference Information for the Software Verification and Validation Process, V&V articles in IEEE Software, the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering (Wiley) and the IEEE Tutorials on Software Requirements Engineering and Software Engineering. She is co-author, Software Quality Control, Error Analysis, and Testing, Noyes Data Corporation, 1995 and co-chair of the IEEE STD 1012 -1998, Software Verification and Validation. She has published papers on software experimentation, metrics, and other software engineering topics. She received the 1994 Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award. While at NIST she served on the Industrial Advisory Board for the IEEE Computer Society's Software Engineering Body of Knowledge Project.

Currently she serves on the editorial board of the American Society for Quality's Software Quality Professional and the Wiley Software Engineering Encyclopedia, and the Board of Directors for the Center for National Software Studies. She is a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society.

Prior to NIST, Ms Wallace worked for the U.S. Navy at the David Taylor Research and Development Center, Carderock, MD, where her focus was on fluid turbulence, finite elements and computer graphics. She has a master's degree in mathematics from Case Western University. Dolores Wallace can be contacted at