QW/QWE Author/Title/Affiliation Index: 1988 — 2002

This author/affiliation/title index lists ~1300 papers and presentations given at the QW/QWE Conferences from 1988 through 2002, a total of 20 events.

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Author Company Title Date
John KellyJet Propulsion LaboratoriesFormal Inspection Methods QW1988
Alka ShahBank of AmericaIs Certification Really Necessary? QW1988
William BentlyMiles, Inc.Automated Software Testing: Advanced Technologies QW1988
Cem KanerElectronic ArtsTest Planning for Consumer Software QW1988
Vondes BarnettFederal ExpressTesting an Innovative Customer Automation System QW1988
Peter MorseMicrosoftAutomated TeSting in an Interactive Environment QW1988
Douglas HoffmanInformixTechnology of Quality QW1988
Darl PatrickSandia National LabsCertification of Hardware with Embedded Software QW1988
Edward MillerSoftware Research, Inc.Starting a Q.A. Testing Group from Scratch QW1988
Vern CrandallBrigham Young UniversitySoftware Quality: Product Verification, Design Analysis, and Code QW1988
Mack AlfordAscent TechnologyA Constructive Approach to Test Planning QW1988
Mario FusaniCNRThe Case of Italian Government QW1989
Vern CrandallSoftware Development, NovellTesting In A LAN Enviroment QW1989
Michael FaganFagan & AssociatesProductivity Improvement Through Defect-Free Software Development QW1989
Bill BentlyMiles LaboratoriesCT Coverage: An Initial Evaluation QW1989
Rodger bickEastman Kodak CompanyStrategies For Testing Large, Complex Systems QW1989
Kem CanerHuman Interface TechnologiesBug Tracking Systems for Consumer Software QW1989
John KellyJet Propulsion Labs, CITFormal Inspection Review Techniques: Experience & Results QW1989
Joan AllenBank of MontrealConfidence/Risk As A Determinant of Testing Strategy QW1989
Dick JohnsonTrident Logical SystemsCost Effectiveness of Software Quality Assurance QW1989
Keith Stobie and Mary AlexanderTandem ComputersSoftware Testing at Tandem QW1989
Doug HoffmanMasparManaging Technological Changes: Setting Your Horizons QW1989
Lewis BassThe Kairos CompanySoftware Systems Safety and Liabilty Prevention QW1989
Rudy RegnerSoftware Testing Company Quality Assurance for Real-Time Software SystemsQW1989
Alka ShahConsultantArt of Successful Testing Plan QW1989
Peter MorseMicrosoftCode Coverage -- Theory Vs. Practice QW1989
Bob CagleNCRA Practitioner's Approach To Testing Coverage QW1989
Richard RobinsonRelational Technology, Inc.Microcomputer Automation Support of Mainframe Testing QW1989
J. Cris MillerJ. Cris Miller & AssociatesForm, Functionality and Anamalies - Testing In A Re-Engineering Mode QW1989
Antonia BertolinoCNRSoftware Certification: The Ongoing Experience of Italian Government Controlled Fiscal Meters QW1989
Edward MillerSoftware Research, Inc.Industrial Software Qualiy Practice -- An Assessment QW1989
Dennis AllisonStanford UniversityIntroduction To Theory Of Source Language Testing QW1989
Irene WongJet Propulsion LabsApplication Of Expert System And Hypertext Technologies Of Test Documentatiob QW1989
Greg PopeTiburon SystemsComputer Aided Software Testing QW1989
Danny ExonSoftware Research, IncPicking the Right Software Tools QW1989
Rudy RegnerSoftware Testing CompanyFunctional Vs. Structural Testings QW1989
Dan ZimmermanSoftware Research, Inc.Optimizing Corporate Quality -- The High-Tech Approach QW1989
William HowdenUniversity of California, IrvineVALIDATING PROGRAMS WITHOUT SPECIFICATIONS QW1990
William J. BentlyMiles Inc.Moving Toward Data Use Testing QW1990
Bruce AbleidingerCadre Technologies, Inc.EMBEDDED SOFTWARE TESTING QW1990
Taz DaughtreyChair, ASQC Software Division, B&W Nuclear Service CompanyTHE EMERGING SOFTWARE QUALITY PROFESSION: AN ASQC PERSPECTIVE QW1990
Mario FusaniConsiglio Nazionale delle Richerch Instituto de Elaborazione dell'InfromazionePRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN IV & V: CASE STUDIES FROM ITALY QW1990
Paul E. JanuszProduct Assurance Engineer U.S. Army AMCCOMCOMPUTER AIDED TESTABILITY FOR SOFTWARE (SoftCAT) QW1990
Leonard L. TrippBoeing Commercial AirplaneCASE EVALUATION AND SELECTION PROCESSES QW1990
Dan ZimmermanDirector of Marketing Software Research, IncTHE 45 MOST IMPORTANT TESTING TOOL FEATURES QW1990
Bob StahlThe Interface Design GroupHOW TO MANAGE REGRESSION TESTS QW1990
Gene ForteCASE Consulting Group, Inc.CASE and Total Quality Management QW1990
Regina PalmerMartin MariettaFile Management and Reporting for Software Configurations: Lessons Learned QW1990
Shari Lawrence PfleegerCONTEL Technology CenterUsing Software Metrics and Process Maturito to Assure Softwrae Wuality QW1990
Manoochehr GhiassiAssociate ssor of Information Sciences, Santa Clara UniversitySOFTWARE TOOLS FOR VALIDATION AND VERIFICATION OF ANSI-C COMPILERS QW1990
Daniel HoffmanDept. of Computer Science, University of VictoriaPRACTICAL MODULE REGRESSION TESTING TOOLS TECHNIQUES QW1990
Debra RichardsonDepartment of Computer Science, UC/IrvineApproaches to Specification Based Testing QW1990
Leonard WhiteProductivity Management GroupLINKING PRODUCTIVITY AND QUALITY QW1990
Daniel HoffmanDept. of Computer Science University of VictoriaPRACTICAL MODULE REGRESSION TESTING TOOLS TECHNIQUES QW1990
Timothy A. NicholDataEase International, Inc.Software Quality Assurance of DataEase 4.2 QW1990
Don Simmons, Steve HerrickBeckman Instruments, Inc.Validation of Pharmaceutical Software QW1990
Paul E. JanuszProduct Assurance Engineer U.S. Army AMCCOMPREDICTIVE RELIABILITY METRICS QW1990
Edward MillerPresident Software Research, Inc.CASE FOR COMMERCIAL QC: THE ECONOMICS EXPLORED QW1990
Lewis BassLaw Offices of Lewis Bass, Inc.HAZARD ANALYSIS MINIMIZES LIABILITY QW1990
Antonio Serra, Marina CereserASIC s.r.l. Torina, ItalyXgA: A REMOTE TERMINAL EMULATOR HARDWARE INTERFACE QW1990
Leon OsterweilUC/ IrvineSoftware Testing and Analysis as a Programmable Process QW1990
James HemsleyBrameur, Ltd.The "Software Fortress Europe" of 1992: A Possibility Explored QW1990
Rodger bick(None Given)Keys to Software Quality QW1991
Boris Beizer(None Given)Assessment of Advanced Methods: Multi-processor, Data Flow, Domain Testing QW1991
Elaine Weyuker(None Given)Selecting and Evaluation Software Test Data Using Data Flow Criteria QW1991
Leonard White(None Given)Overview of Function Point Counting QW1991
P. Kennedy(None Given)Multi-Platform Testing QW1991
Keith Stobie(None Given)The SOPHIE Test System QW1991
T. Tillson(None Given)Testing HP's SoftBench QW1991
J Falasco(None Given) QA in the Client Server Enviroment: A Case StudyQW1991
D. Stoch(None Given)Achieving 'Big Q' Quality in a Software Enviroment QW1991
B. Wachtel(None Given)Using An Analysis Database QW1991
M. Harrold(None Given)A Study of Regression Testing: Unit, Intergration, System Levels QW1991
J. Mogilensky(None Given) Quality Evaluation and Certification in EuropeQW1991
L. Bass(None Given)V&V Technology for Real-Time QW1991
B. Kolkhorst(None Given)To Predict Usability Problems QW1991
M. Perdue(None Given)A Comparison of Two Path Test Strategies QW1991
C. Carlesi(None Given)Automated Program Structure Analysis QW1991
A. Mathur(None Given)Comparing the Effectiveness of Data Flow and Mutation Testing QW1991
P. Frankl(None Given)Is Data Flow Testing More Effective Than Branch Testing? QW1991
P. Fawcett(None Given)Test Evolution of Quality at Microsoft QW1991
B. Sherlund(None Given)Modification Oriented Software Testing QW1991
B. Gill-Price(None Given)Applying Software Metrics in Development QW1991
L. Schroath(None Given)Achieving Quality Through Software Reuse QW1991
R. Palmer(None Given)Implementing Software Quality Metrics QW1991
V. Crandall(None Given)Building an Internal Software Test Organization QW1991
B. Benty(None Given)Battle of the Testing Gurus QW1991
D. Patrick(None Given)Pieces of the Testing Tool Puzzle QW1991
P. Frankl(None Given)Testing Object Oriented Programs with ASTOOT QW1991
N. Stewart(None Given)Software Quality Activities in the ASQC QW1991
Doug Hoffman(None Given)Assessing Quality in Software Projects QW1991
Y. Mayadoux(None Given)PYFF: A Numerical File Comparator QW1991
B. Korel(None Given)Automated Generation of Program Test Data QW1991
M. McFarland(None Given)Software Productivity and Quality -- A New Paradigm QW1991
Dan Hoffman(None Given)Software Upgrades: Improving the Installed Base QW1991
S. Pfleeger(None Given)Evaluating Software Productivity and Quality QW1991
S. Hofstetter(None Given)Tracking to Achieve Quality Software QW1991
B. Sundermeier(None Given)Test Cases from CASE QW1991
R. Prather(None Given)Hierachical Metrics and Program Structure QW1991
R. Hamlet(None Given)Foundations of Program Testing: Can Testing Software be Trusted? QW1991
T. Anton(None Given)Testing in Real-World Circumstances: A Case Study QW1991
L. Niech(None Given)Starting up an Automated Test Group: Problems and Payoffs QW1991
Richard Selby(None Given)Measurement-Driven Analysis and Feedback Processes QW1991
Mario Fusani(None Given)Software Quality: The Bridge between Research and Practice QW1991
Boris Beizer(None Given)Overview of Test Techniques QW1992
J. Munson(None Given)Introduction to Statistical Testing QW1992
A. Shah-Jarvis(None Given)The Art of Writing a successful Test Plan QW1992
R. Prather(None Given)Hierachial Software Metrics QW1992
Edward Miller(None Given)CASE Testing: Intergration Consolidation Issues QW1992
G. Wilson(None Given)Reliability Engineering: Technology for the 90's QW1992
D. Meeredith(None Given)Testing and QA in the CASE Enviroment QW1992
D. Patrick(None Given)Getting Metrics Into the Workplace QW1992
Michael er(None Given)Statistical Approaches to Software Testing: A Further Demand on CASE Tools QW1992
John Munson(None Given)Software Measurement and Software Testing QW1992
Mike Tortorella(None Given)Reconstructing the Paradigm: A look at Software Reliability Management QW1992
Boris Beizer(None Given)Can't Do That Cost-Benefit Analysis! QW1992
A. Godambe(None Given)Data ven Tools for Determining Testing Effort Needed for Large Software Product Release QW1992
B. Sherlund(None Given)A Modification Oriented Regression Testing Tool QW1992
P. Schneck(None Given)Virtually Defect-Free Code through Testing QW1992
J. Francioni(None Given)Using Auditory Displays to Understand and Test Parallel Programs QW1992
T. Clinton(None Given)IV V Acceptance Testing: Using Risk Analysis QW1992
B. Kolkhorst(None Given)Highly Reliable Software: The Requirement Beyond CASE QW1992
Edward Miller(None Given)Applying Automated Test Methods QW1992
S. Siegel(None Given)Strategies for Testing Object Oriented Software QW1992
M. Bergman, Keith Stobie(None Given)How to Automate Testing: The Big Picture QW1992
G. Pope(None Given)Debugging America QW1992
R. Birss(None Given)Test Coverage for Fun and t QW1992
J. Voas(None Given)A Technique for Predicting Semantic Software Testability QW1992
J. Maybee(None Given)MOTHER: A Test Harness for a t with Volatile Requirements QW1992
W. Wolters(None Given)Automated GUI Display Testing of a Large Network Management System QW1992
N. Winston(None Given)Benefits of GUI Testing: Catching Bugs Earlier QW1992
N. Thuy(None Given)Testability and Unit Tests in Large Object Oriented Software QW1992
M-J. Harrold(None Given)Incremental Testing of Class Structures QW1992
B. Bently(None Given)Testing Object Oriented Langugages QW1992
K. Gallagher(None Given)Using Decompostion Slicing to Simplify Maintenance QW1992
J. Lyte(None Given)Using Program Slicing and Dicing in Debugging QW1992
J. Hage(None Given)A Quality Approach to Testing Computer Software QW1992
B. Thien(None Given)Experiences with Defect Analysis QW1992
Vern Crandall(None Given)An Overall Strategy for Testing Software QW1992
R. Palmer(None Given)A Software Quality Database Life Cycle QW1992
B. Stephen(None Given)Realizing the CASE Advantage QW1992
W. Utz(None Given)Software Technology Transition: Making a Quality Transition to Software Engineering QW1992
D. Patrick(None Given)Moving Towards Zero Defect Software QW1992
R. Wilson(None Given)Testing Stratgies for Systems Software Integration QW1992
J. Antonevitch(None Given)Optimization Techniques for Test Planning and Management QW1992
D. Hoffman(None Given)Preparing an Organization for CASE QW1992
B. Stahl(None Given)A Quick Course in Negotiations: How to Get Testing Resources That You Need QW1992
M. McFarlane(None Given)Software Internal Quality QW1992
B. Wachtel(None Given)Change Management with CASE QW1992
D. Wildfogel(None Given)Dynamic Testing QW1992
M. Migdoll(None Given)Introducing Change Into the Testing Process QW1992
M. Pasterick(None Given)Improving the Testing Process Through Improving the Overall Development Process QW1992
F. Luppino(None Given)Software Testing Process QW1992
B. Silver(None Given)High Satisfaction Software Support QW1992
Earl Lee(None Given)Using Testing Resources for Defect Prevention QW1992
Lee J. White(None Given)Software Maintenance Must Provide Systematic Regression Testing Including Testing Global Variables QW1992
Rodger bick(None Given)A Procss Model for Formal Testing QW1992
Boris Beizer(None Given)Overview of Software Test Techniques QW1993
B. Marick(None Given)Three Ways to Improve Your Testing QW1993
M. Migdoll(None Given)Introducing Change Into Testing QW1993
S. Siegel/B.Silver(None Given)Applying Total Quality Optimization to Testing QW1993
T. Gilb(None Given)Advanced Software Inspections QW1993
M. Mac-an Airchinnigh(None Given)Formal Methods and Testing Tutorial QW1993
B. Curtis(None Given)Superior Software Organizations QW1993
A. Shah-Jarvis(None Given)Applying Metrics QW1993
B. Silver/S. Siegel(None Given)Applying Total Quality Optimization to Testi>ng QW1993
B. Wachtel(None Given)Software Change -- Guide for Improvement QW1993
Boris Beizer(None Given)Two Retrospectives From the Year 2001 QW1993
John Munson(None Given)Manufacture of Reliable Software QW1993
William Howden(None Given)Scientific Foundations for Practial Software Testing And Analysis QW1993
Bill Curtis(None Given)Superior Software Organizations QW1993
R. Shelton(None Given)An Object-Oriented Method for Enterprise Modeling: OOEM QW1993
R. Sharma(None Given)Code Inspection in SDE's QW1993
V. Crandall(None Given)Risk Analysis in Software Delvopement QW1993
O. Poutanen(None Given)TBGEN System, A Portable Test Harnessing Tool for Ada: Design/Implementing Consideration QW1993
H. Hecht(None Given)Rare Conditions -- An Important Cause of Failures QW1993
K. Tai(None Given)How To Test Compound Predictions in Programs? QW1993
B. Bently(None Given)Information Flow Analysis QW1993
A. Parrish(None Given)Implementation-Based Testing for Abstract Data Types QW1993
J. Tierney(None Given)Eradicating Software Mistakes from your Softwre Process Through Poka Yoke QW1993
K. King(None Given)Implementing Software Process Improvement QW1993
A. Bertolino(None Given)Path Analysis and Experimentation on Path Coverage via Minimum< Test Covers QW1993
D. Zimmerman(None Given)Feasible Path Analysis for Test Case Generation QW1993
S. Malaney(None Given)DARTS: An Automated Feature Test System for a Digital Central Office> Switching System QW1993
N. Peccia(None Given)Automatic Tools for Software Testing QW1993
R. Hamlet & J. Voas(None Given)Software Reliability and Testability QW1993
J. Ambrose & M. Pham(None Given)Automated Firmware Testing Using Simple Test Scripts QW1993
M. Fewster(None Given)100% Automated Testing: A Case History QW1993
D. Hoshizaki(None Given)Risk Based Testing Application Testing QW1993
G. Pope(None Given)Bug-o-nomics QW1993
M. Harrold(None Given)A System for Testing And Analysis of C Programs QW1993
N. Thuy(None Given)Design for Quality in Large Object Oriented Software Systems QW1993
M. Bergman(None Given)Automated Testing Interacting with Debugging QW1993
J. Laski(None Given)An Intergrated Approach to Software Testing and Analysi QW1993
C. Haapala(None Given)Iterative Software Development: Achieving Quality Through Verification and Validation QW1993
Edward Miller(None Given)Automated Testing: Experience from the Field QW1993
W. Wolters(None Given)Testing GUI Displays at the User's High-Level View QW1993
S. Norman(None Given)Testing is a Sticky Business QW1993
T. Gilb(None Given)Practical Software Metrics for Software Process and Product Quality QW1993
J. Hops(None Given)Formal Functional Test Designs: Bridging the Gap Between Test Requirements and Specifications QW1993
G. Iacano(None Given)Automated Test Database Management for Productivity QW1993
S. Pearson(None Given)Test Planning in an Information Engineering Enviroment QW1993
D. Hoffman(None Given)The Software Quality Group's Relationship to Development QW1993
G. Daich(None Given)Technology Infusion into the Software Test Process QW1993
J. Wojtusiak(None Given)Knowledge and Skills: Two Keys to Unlocking the Defect Prevention Process QW1993
Y. Mayadoux(None Given)Experience and Results Gained from the DARTS Project QW1993
F. Luppino(None Given)IBM-FSC Software Testing Policies and Standards QW1993
R. Wilson(None Given)Load and Stress Testing Approaches QW1993
F. Ficheux(None Given)Software Capabilities Assessment QW1993
Paul Oman(None Given)Exploiting Software Testing Tools Throughout the Life Cycle QW1993
Shel Siegel(None Given)Strategies for Testing Object-Oriented Software QW1993
Dorthy R. Graham(None Given)Where is the CAST Heading? Directions and Trends for Testing Tools QW1993
Monika Muellerburg(None Given)Why Systematic Testing is Difficult: The Problem of the Sample QW1994
Shel Siegel(None Given)Where Are the Software Quality Leaders and What Are They Doing? QW1994
Robert Binder(None Given)Testing Object-Oriented Systems: State of the Art, State of the Practice QW1994
Walter Ellis(None Given)National Software Council: Status of the Initiative QW1994
A. Parrish, D. Cordes, M. Govindarajan(None Given)Systematic Defect-Removal from Object-Oriented Modules QW1994
J. McGreagor(None Given)Selecting Funtional Test Cases for a Class QW1994
M. Hermedegildo(None Given)Abstract Interpretations of Programs QW1994
L. White & F. Afifi(None Given)A Method for Testing Nonlinear Software QW1994
D. Hoshizaki, B. Mueller(None Given)Using Semantic Assertion Technology to Test Application Software QW1994
S. McCarron & M. Evans(None Given)The Assertion Defeinition Language Project QW1994
William Howden(None Given)Systematic Informal Software Analysis and Testing Methods QW1994
H. Zuse(None Given) Quality Measurement -- Validation of Software MeasuresQW1994
F. Bourdoncle(None Given)Automatic Compile-Time Debugging QW1994
M. Harman & S. Danicic(None Given)A New Approach to Program Slicing QW1994
J. Gill(None Given)Software Safety Analysis in Hetergeneous Multiprocessor Control Systems QW1994
F. Quabdesselam, L. Parissis(None Given)Test Saftey Properties on Synchronous Critical Software QW1994
G. Triantofyllos, S. Vassiliadis, J. Whittaker & K. Agrawal(None Given)A Case Study in Software Reliabilty Measurement QW1994
James Bach(None Given)Process Evolution in a Mad World QW1994
W. Wolters(None Given)Automated GUI Testing: Much More The Regression Testing QW1994
C. Ebert, I. Morschel(None Given)Making Object-Orientation Fit for Reuse QW1994
P. Juettner, P. Zimmerer, U. Naumann, S. Kolb(None Given)A Complete Test Process in Object Oriented Software Development QW1994
D. Pope(None Given)Automation of Interactive Testing QW1994
J. Jogan(None Given)SYSTEST Workbench: A Tool For Automated Telephony Testing QW1994
N. Peccia(None Given)The Challenge of Intergration, Time & QC for Real Time Spacecraft Control & On-Board Software Systems QW1994
T. Keller(None Given)Ensuring Quality of the Space Shuttle Primary Avionics Software QW1994
A. Serra, P. Nesi(None Given)Object-Oriented Approach for a Non-Invasive Automatic Testing Tool QW1994
Shel. Siegel(None Given)Automating Intergration Testins for OO Projects QW1994
K. Thelen, A. Srivastava, R. Weber(None Given)Automated Requirements-Based Testing: A Real World Experience QW1994
J. Maybee(None Given)True Stories: A Year in the Trenches with MOTHER QW1994
K. Wefelmeyer(None Given)Developing a Change Management System QW1994
W. Siddiqee(None Given)Some Actual Results Pertaning to Software Development and Maintenance Costs and Sofware Quality QW1994
P. Middelton(None Given)Just-In-Time Software Development QW1994
M. White(None Given)Requirements: A Quick and Inexpensive Way to Improve Testing QW1994
W. Meyer(None Given)Internal Consulting on Software Quality at Bank of America QW1994
R. Gordon(None Given)Silver Bullet Key Learnings in Software Test QW1994
H. Kugler(None Given)What's on in Europe? European Software Quality Initiatives QW1994
S. Rabin(None Given)Managing Software Quality, The Next Generation: Turning Host Developers into Object Technicians QW1994
M. Dyer(None Given)An Evalution of the Taguchi Method QW1994
G. Daich(None Given)Improving the Software Test Process Using the Capability Maturity Model QW1994
W. Deibler(None Given)Exploring the Relationship between ISO 900 and SEI Capability Maturity Model QW1994
Rroger bick(None Given)A Process for Formal Test Design QW1994
Roger Sherman(None Given)Shipping World-Class Products on Time: A View of Development and Testing at Microsoft QW1994
John D. Musa(None Given)Software Reliability Engineering Practice QW1994
Herb Hecht(None Given)Software Dependability in Distruted Systems QW1994
Boris Beizer(None Given)On Being Competitive QW1994
J. OverbeckServo DataTesting Object-Oriented Software and Reusability QW1995
D. HoffmanUniversity of VictoriaClassBench: A Framework for Class Testing QW1995
B. KorelIllinois Institute of TechnologyForward Dynamic Analysis in Dynamic Program Slice Computation QW1995
J. VoasReliable Software TechnologiesTestability Guided Assertion Injection QW1995
R. PratherTrinity UniversityHierachical Metrics and Testing Strategies QW1995
M. Harman, B. Jones, B. Sivagurunathan, S. DancicUniversity of LondonCohesion Metrics QW1995
D. Peters, D. ParnasMcMaster UniversityGenerating a Test Oracle from Program Documentation QW1995
L. DillonUC, Santa BarbaraTemporal Oracles for Testing and Debugging of Concurrent Systems QW1995
A. PolkSunSoftTesting GUI Programs Without Using the GUI QW1995
S.L. Chakrabarti, S. MohammedHewlett-PackardWriting GUI Specifications in C QW1995
J. ChaarIBM T.J. Watson Research CenterOn The Evaluation of Software Inspections and Tests QW1995
A. PizzarelloPeritus Software Services, Inc.Formal Techniques for Understanding Programs QW1995
A. ZehSekas GmbHAutomatic Generation and Management of Test Cases for Architectures under Development QW1995
R. BinderSystem Consulting, Inc.Implementation-based Testing on Objects Using State-determined Flows QW1995
B. MarreUniversite de Paris-SUDSoftware Testing Based on Algebraic Specification QW1995
B. Bently, E. Clarke, A. Donnelly, D. Jackson, W. Roscoe, P. Wolper, J. Woodcock(Various)Model-Checking and the Verification of Concurrent Programs QW1995
T. HatazakiCONVEX Computer CorpDistributed Test Enviroment QW1995
C. T. ZhouConcurrent Engineering Research CenterICT: An Automated Tool for In-Process and Continuous Software Testing QW1995
J. WegenerDaimier-Benz AGTESSY: An Overall Unit Testing Tool QW1995
W. MeyerTesting Improvements ProjectThe Two System: Using Decision Tables to Manage Regression Test Cases QW1995
D. JacksonCarnegie Mellon UniversityRecent Research in Dataflow Techniques for Reverse Engineering QW1995
M.J. Harrold, G. RothermelClemson UniversityPerforming Dataflow Testing on Classes QW1995
P. Aggarwal, B. BoveSun MicrosystemsTaks-Based Scheduling Automation for Large Test Configurations QW1995
M. GrochtmannDaimler-Benz AGTest Case Design Using Classification Tress and the Classification-Tree Edition CTE QW1995
M. ZimmermanCadence Design SystemsPractical Lessons on Automatic Test Generation QW1995
F. LemmonAUSPEX Systems, Inc.Automated Testing Issues in Verifying Multipe, Active Software Releases QW1995
M. Hopwood, M. ParsonsComputerized Medical SystemsRevamping Your Software Development Process -- Lessons Learned QW1995
R. PajerskiNASA/Goddard Space Flight CenterSoftware Process Improvement in the Software Engineering Laboratory QW1995
R.S. ArnoldSoftware Evolution Technology, IncResolving Year 2000 Problems in Legacy Software QW1995
S. MageeSoftware Enginerring ProcessTechnologyISO/IEC Software Life Cycle Standard 12207 QW1995
James BachBorlandPros and Cons of Outsourcing Software Testing QW1995
B. Mueller D. NguyenMicrosoftTeaming with Development to Achieve Testability in Applications QW1995
J. BindasIntelHow to Avoid the "Us Versus Them" Syndrome in Software Testing QW1995
A. JonassenCRI A/SManaging Unit and Integration Testing on a Large Object-Oriented Software QW1995
P. Juettner, P. Zimmerer, U. Naumann, S. KolbSiemens AGIntegration Testing of Object-Oriented Software QW1995
J. MarciniakNational Software CouncilNSC: A Prospectus an Status Report QW1996
T. GilbConsultantThe "Result Method" for Quality Process Convergence QW1996
L. OsterwellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstPerpetually Testing Software QW1996
W. HumphreySoftware Engineering InstituteWhat if Your Life Depended on Software? QW1996
T. Ashok, K. Rangasajan, P. EswarVeriphone India Pvt LtdRetesting C++ Classes QW1996
J. McGregor, A. KareClemson UniversityPACT: An Architecture for Object-Oriented Component Testing QW1996
T. BruckhausSchool of Computer ScienceHow Tools, Project Size and Development Affect Productivity QW1996
D. JacksonCarnegie Mellon UniversityNew Technology for Checking Software Specifications QW1996
F. Mazzanti, C. MarzulloIEI-CNRThe Need and Feasibility of the Static Detection of Erroneous Executions in Ada95 QW1996
S. Morasca, M. Pezze, S. Silva,Politecnico di MilanoMutation Analysis for Concurrent ADA Programs QW1996
J. Chu, J. DobsonUniversity of Newcastle upon TyneA Statistic-Based Framework for Automated Software Testing QW1996
J. Whittaker, G. WaltonSoftware Engineering Technology Software Technology Based on a Usage Model QW1996
V. BarrHofstra UniversityRule-Bsed System Testing with Control and Data Flow Techniques QW1996
A. Avritzer, E. WeyukerAT&T Bell LabsTesting a Rule-Based System QW1996
B. Nair, K. Gulledge, R. LigevitchSAFCO CorporationUsing OLE Automation for Efficiently Automating Software Testing QW1996
T.H. Sze, Z. XuUniversity of Hong KongTest Case Generation for Class-Level Object-Oriented Testing QW1996
A Bertolino, I. StriginiIEI-CNRPredicting Software Reliabilty from Testing Taking into Account Other Knowledge About and Program QW1996
B. OttoCondat GmbH BerlinDesign for Testable Telecommunications Software A Practical Approach QW1996
V. Basili & Z. ZhangUniversity of MarylandA Framework for Collecting and Analyzing Usabilty Data QW1996
P. LiggesmeyerSiemens AGSelecting Test Methods, Techniques, Metrics and Tools Using Systematic Decision Support QW1996
L. Lattanzi F. PiazzaAlenia SpazioTesting of a Mission: Critical Real-Time Software for Space Application QW1996
J. Slonim M. Bauer, J. YeIBM Canada LabStructural Measurement of Functional Testing: A Case Study in an Industrial Setting QW1996
M. DeckCleanroom Software Engineering, Inc.Cleanroom Practice: A Theme and Variations QW1996
I. Burnstein T. Suwannasart C. R. CarlsonIllinois Institute of TechnologyThe Development of a Testing Maturity Model QW1996
J. RosenbergSun MicrosystemsLinking Internal and External Quality Measures QW1996
S. AmlandAvenir A.SRisk Based Testing of Large Financial Application QW1996
L. J. WhiteCase Weatern Reserve UniversityAutomated GUI Testing for Static or Dynamic Interactions QW1996
R. V. BinderRBSC CorporationAn Integrated Tool Suite for High-Reliabity O-O C/S Systems QW1996
Boris Beiser, T. GilbConsultantsThe Great Debate -- Testing vs. Inspection QW1996
D. WittekindLockheed Martin AstronauticsHyperText Markup Language (HTML) and the Web QW1996
S.L Chakrabarti< R. PandeyHewlett-Packard CompanyTesting the WEB We Weave QW1996
D. Duchesneau, J.G. AhibeckThe Boeing CompanyThe Secret to Installing Value-Added SQA QW1996
W. ScacchiUniversity of Southern CaliforniaKnowledge-Based Software Process (Re)Engineered) QW1996
M. GrochtmannDaimler-Benz AGTesting Software is OK; But Testing Machines Is Fun Too QW1996
R. Hodges, C.J. Kaner, B. Marick, M. SvobodaAT&THow to Save Time and Money in Testing QW1996
C. HouseCenterline SoftwareThe Development Dilemma of the SEI Model Case Studies in Software Process Improvement QW1996
B. DennyRockwell-Collins Commercial AvionicsAchieving ISO-9001 A Software Prospective QW1996
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Bruno Bouyssounouse PolySpace Detect All Run-Time Errors Without Test-Beds QWE2000
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Ed Kit SDT Corporation Test Automation -- State of the Practice QW2001
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Michel Kalis Ubizen Aethis How to monitor the Quality of Service of your business infrastructure QWE2002
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Josef Withalm Siemens Ag Quality Assurance Aspects in Developing a Component-based System QW2002
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Joe Ponczak McCabe & Associates Change Impact Testing QW2002
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Erik Simmons Intel Corporation Software Defect Arrival Modeling With the Weibull Distribution QW2002
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Edward Miller eValid, Inc. Innovative WebSite Mapping Tool QW2002
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Ed Adams VeriTest Deployment of Globalised Wireless Internet Applications QW2002
Jim Hazen SysTest Labs Excelerating Test Status Reporting QW2002
Dick Hamlet Portland State University Science, Computer "Sciences", Mathematics, and Software Development  QW2002
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Anurag Khemka, Vijay Sikka Nirixa, Inc. Revisiting Comparisons between Manual and Automated testing QW2002
Michael Waller, Timothy Nelson STAMP Technologies Reducing Test Automation Maintenance Costs  QW2002
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Nancy Eickelmann Motorola Optimizing Test Productivity to Maximize Product Quality QW2002
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Ira Baxter Semantic Designs, Inc.  Branch Coverage Tools For Arbitrary Languages made Easy! QW2002
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Robert A. Martin MITRE Corporation Vulnerabilities and Developing for the Net QW2002
Karen S. King King Consulting Common Problems in Tool Adoption QW2002
Selim Aissi Intel Web Services QoS, Reliability, and Security QW2002
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Steve Whitchurch Network Associates, Inc. Implementing a Web Based Testing Framework QW2002
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Ed Adams VeriTest Virtual Test Management: Rapid Testing Over Multiple Time Zone QW2002
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Yiftach Resheff Antenna Software Assessing risks in wireless solution implementation QW2002
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Danny Faught Tejas Software Consulting  A Survey of Freeware Test Tools QW2002
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