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Quality Week 2001

 San Francisco, California, USA   |   29 May - 1 June 2001 

Golden Gate Bridge

Quality Week 2001 (QW 2001) is run by Software Research Institute (SR/Institute), a non-profit subsidiary of Software Research, Inc. Organizations which have agreed to be sponsors of QW2001 are given below, as well other organizations that have helped organize and present the event.


The American Society for Quality is a membership organization dedicated to promoting the principles and practices of quality improvement, with a mission to "be recognized throughout the world as the leading authority on, and champion for, quality." The ASQ Software Division, which represents over 5000 professionals worldwide, is dedicated to "improve the ability of individuals and organizations to satisfy their customers with quality software products and services through education, communication, research, outreach, and professional development. (http://www.asq.org)


Compuware quality assurance solutions automate the multiple, complex steps of thorough application testing and provide comprehensive, repeatable and predictable results in less time. With Compuware tools, you can test every step in the application process for mainframe, distributed and web platforms. From defining requirements, creating test scripts, executing functional, web, regression, integration and performance tests and managing defect resolution, Compuware products and services improve application quality and performance. For organizations that lack the time, infrastructure or resources to perform web site and application testing, Compuware offers a remote web testing and monitoring solution. (http://www.compuware.com)

eTesting Labs Inc., a Ziff Davis Media company, leads the industry in Internet and technology testing. In June 2000, ZD Labs changed its name to eTesting Labs to better reflect the breadth of its testing services. Building on Ziff Davis Media's history of leadership in product reviews and benchmark development, eTesting Labs brings independent testing, research, development, and analysis directly to publications, Web sites, vendors, and IT organizations everywhere. (www.etestinglabs.com)

eValid, Inc., The Internet Authority- offers products and services to enhance the success of your e-business, by assuring that your WebSite is trouble-free, reliable, speedy and available 24x7. In a webpaced world, your WebSite is one of your key assets. eValid will change the way you think about assuring WebSite Quality . eValid is a test Enabled Web Browser(TM) that performs all the functions needed for detailed WebSite static and dynamic Testing, QA/Validation, page tuning and load generation. eValid has superior ease of use and runs on Windows 98/NT/2000. (www.e-valid.com)

ExtraView, from Sesame Technology, is a highly scalable wireless and Web-based problem tracking system used to route and resolve problem reports, defects, and product change requests. Used by customer support, quality assurance, field service, and engineering groups, ExtraView may be easily customized to individual workflow and quality processes. ExtraView Remote is a wireless service automation solution that provides up-to-the-second access to ExtraView's centralized trouble ticket database. Sesame Technology is proud to sponsor the 14th Annual Software Quality Week. (www.sesame.com)

Software Research, Inc. (SR) offers the TestWorks suite of software test tools that include regression and coverage testing support for Web, UNIX and Windows, in use by thousands of locations worldwide. SR's active program of new-product development includes current applications in Web Testing, Client/Server Testing, Application Testing (including embedded testing and remote testing) Technology. SR publishes the widely subscribed Quality Techniques Newsletter (QTN) (Current Issue), a Email monthly technology newsletter. Subscriptions to QTN are FREE. (http://www.testworks.com)

Vanteon: Revenue Engineering for the Digital Evolution Vanteon is the premier resource chosen by market leaders looking for world class Quality Assurance, eBusiness, Commercial Software, Hardware and Embedded Solutions. With development centers nationwide and over 400 software and hardware engineers, QA specialists and eBusiness professionals, Vanteon helps clients generate revenue and value from the products, services and systems they sell, while consistenly maintaining the highest levels of quality and partnership satisfaction.

VeriTest, VeriTest is the premium provider of testing services that enable technology companies to release proven enterprise-scale applications on a worldwide basis. With datacenter-equipped labs in North America and Europe, VeriTest delivers test consulting, test plan development, and test execution services through cost-effective, global processes. VeriTest is a service of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.(www.veritest.com)


Software Research Institute (SR/Institute), a not-for-profit subsidiary of Software Research, Inc., was founded to promote the issues of Software Quality throughout the software development community. In addition to the Quality Week Conference series SR/Institute sponsors continuing education seminars in the general area of software quality and software engineering, and Software Quality Forums at which software quality industry leaders provide state of the art technology transfer to industry executives about how to best apply current technology to immediate software quality needs.


Application Development Trends is written for application development managers who are building, buying and managing the applications that run the world’s businesses. Application Development Trends is the one publication that top-tier I/S and A/D management goes to month after month for a clear strategic overview of the full application development lifecycle and its impact on the business of the enterprise.

C/C++ Users Journal: Advanced Solutions for Professional Developers serves the advanced developer community whose work requires mastery in the C and C++ languages. Journal includes a bi-monthly supplement: Java Solutions. It is written by and for the most advanced programmers in the development market. Programmers working in these languages depend on its practical solutions for real-world programming answers

Dr. Dobb's Journal is the leading publication for professional software developers. DDJ provides software experts with advanced tools and techniques, delivering relevant and important in-depth, technical information that is critical to the art, science and business of software development. Experts turn to DDJ for guidance on the languages, tools, operating systems, databases and platforms that define the leading edge in software development.


SD Times is filled with authoritative reporting written specifically for software development managers. It covers the entire industry to keep you informed and up to date on Java, Linux, XML, embedded wireless, components, e-business and much more! We cover the things the technical monthlies rarely touch: the trade shows, the vendor roadmaps, the trends, the tools, the alliances, the people, the NEWS! Subscribe today. SD Times is free to qualified professionals like yourself. BUT you must sign up now!

Software Business is The Magazine for Software Executives! Every issue of Software Business Magazine includes the following editorial features: . CEO Strategies . Electronic Distribution . ASP Reports . Financial Reports . Business Automation . Software Replication . Product Development . Packaging/Fulfillment . Support/Customer Service . International Opportunities . And More...!

Windows Developer’s Journal: The Independent Choice for Windows Programming supports Windows 2000, NT, and 9x platforms. This journal provides independent, unbiased information for the advanced Windows programmer. Its technical focus is on development at the API level; specifically what does and does not work; including program design, debugging and user interface issues.

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